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Upcoming Classes/Specials


2018 Class Schedule
Coming Soon

Our Full 2018 Class Schedule will be posted soon. Please check back for more classes and specials. 



Animals and Homeopathy
Coming 2018

Many times animals benefit from holistic approaches as well.  This course covers the connection of animals and homeopathy and the use of AFT protocols.  Worksheets and documentation will be provided.


Gardening 101 & 102
Coming 2018

Explore Gardening in a whole new way!





Purely Simple Organic Living exists to help you create and implement sustainable lifestyle changes by understanding that your whole body (mind, body and spirt) works together as one flowing system and can’t be patched together with mismatched supplements or prescriptions. Together we will identify the root causes that are preventing you from obtaining your optimum health goals and implement changes to not only help you feel better but to thrive. We invite you to check out our complete listing of services by clicking the button below.   


Do You Have Questions

Our body will tell us typically long before a blood test or scanning test that it is out of balance- are you listening?

Do you know how to listen? Are you so tired you don’t remember what it feels like to feel energetic and empowered?

Are you exhausted going from doctor to doctor, praying for answers and only ending up with more bills and more prescriptions?

Are you ready to feel full of energy and empowered to take control of your own health? What if one conversation changed your life? Call today for an appointment.

If you are ready for someone to

  •  To be your coach, your guide and your cheerleader
  • Help you navigate the maze which means peeling the onion to find all the layers that it will take to work through to become the "Best You" Body, Mind and Spirit.
  • You are truly committed and willing to do whatever it takes